Delight is Ephemeral. Flow Is Forever?


Nice piece on user experience being more than just user interface.

The problem with delight is that we get used to it, we take it for granted, and pretty soon the inital wow effect wears off.

Keeping users engaged is a problem which has been solved, as Jenny Sundén points out in the piece, by game designers. I’d add a few television writers. And Apple solved it on their mobile devices by outsourcing it to hundreds of thousands of developers- each new app a potential delighter.

The Most Impressive Thing About Occupy Wall Street


is the impact of this real world event, compared with all the online chatter. Sure, it’s been facilitated by internet-enabled communications, but the reason the movement has people’s attention is the fact that it’s real, and very hard to ignore. Whatever you think about the movement’s causes or goals, it’s been a refreshing reminder to see that showing up in the real world still trumps online activity in such a big way.

And it’s yielded any number of delightful cartoons…


Pooh before Disney


Hard to imagine now, but there was a guileless Bear of little Brain but quite a lot of Charm, before the folks at Disney got a hold of him. Indeed, he was a poet of some skill, conscious of the precariousness of the poetic endeavour:

Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you. And all you can do is to go where they can find you.

Thanks to the British publisher Egmont for putting out some faithful copies of the first Pooh books A. A. Milne put out in the 1920’s.