Props to Thomas Keller for “ad hoc at home”


With the possible exception of its physical size, Thomas Keller’s ad hoc at home cookbook is uniformly great, and surprisingly accessible for cooks of all levels of experience. Keller’s signature restaurant, French Laundry, is known for its pricey prix fixe menu and impossible-to-get reservations. So the last thing I expected when cracking open this weighty tome was an accessible manner and clear explanations. Keller is clearly a culinary perfectionist of the first order, but he does realize that 99.99% of the home cooking in the world is done by folks with middling to fair skills in the kitchen and less-than-fully-stocked pantries. It is for those cooks that he wrote this book (thanks Thomas!). My only knock: the hardback is rather large for the average kitchen, and might feel more at home in the reference section of the Library of Congress. Perhaps the paperback version will be more counter-friendly