Enjoying the Sifang Museum in China

Sifang Museum

Three things impress me about this piece in the Wall Street Journal:

The Sifang Museum itself, outside Nanjing, is a lovely inspiring creation

The interactive piece, full of photos, videos, and interactive 360 explorable places, is a perfect showpiece for the museum. The Wall Street Journal should be as proud of it as the New York Times is of 2012’s Snow Fall. Both are shining examples of what journalism on the web can be. Certainly a bit more expensive than a one-reporter-and-a-photographer for a day, but these pieces are both evergreen and immersive, and deserve long lives on their respective sites.

Lastly, the Wall Street Journal seems to miss no opportunity to knock China. Sure, there’s a lot to knock, but come on. To see this oasis of beauty in China on the WSJ site is refreshing.